Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"The best laid schemes..."

Today's schedule was heavily modified from it's original form. Lots of "issues" managed to pop up and throw my allocated times into a tailspin. But you know what? I still managed to make my way through my list. I still managed to give quality time to the things that I wanted to work on for the day. That silly list full of appointments and allocated times is so liberating! Funny how something that I once considered to be a prison has actually turned out to be my liberation!

I'm also learning that even though I try to be a "hang loose" kind of spirit, I'm still uptight. I mean, I had to move all of these blog posts to another blog--one whose address is spelled correctly! If I was really "hang loose" I would have just rolled with it.

But the coolest thing about it all, I'm totally fine with being wrong. Wrong in my belief that schedules = prison. Wrong in my perception that I'm totally "hang loose" and could roll with anything that came along.

Maybe that's being a "hang loose" kind of spirit after all!

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